Since it’s technically 12:25am, I’m allowed to say thank God it’s Friday! Can’t wait to see these jokers in a few hours. It’s gon’ get cray! #BibleStudy #CellGroup #ReliveBattleRoyale #ReliveMBM #ReliveChosen2014 #YD2014 #FCFExpansion2014
Even though we really only saw each other for about 5 minutes today, we still had a ‘sweet’ time. Thankful for my answered prayer, Ms. Jonalyn Peralta! #HVD #Cheese #YanAndJee
A very late birthday greeting to my boy Conna-Mate-Wanna-Burga! Proud of the young man you’re becoming, and my prayer for you is that you may continue to walk in your purpose. Have nothing to do with laziness, or complacency. Don’t be passive about your walk, but be active in pursuing God! Here for you always. Lubchoo ‘til the end! #ChivalrousCode #YD2014 #FCFExpansion2014 #MakeItCount15
Then midnight FaceTime calls with our besties from London. (: #Pyrangle
Value each day. (: #BubblesTime #YanAndJee #BeautifulSaturday
Since he’s in Quezon City, Philippines, I just wanna give a huge shout-out to my boy Benji! Just reflecting on your life as I was editing these photos and was taken back to your humble beginnings in ministry, really finding yourself in God and I’m glad you’ve let me in on your journey. I hate how my tears always win every time yøu open up in a meeting and it’s because I’m always overwhelmed by the grace of God on your life. Michael, yøu are marked by Majesty. You are alive for a reason. Live for it! Defend it, rise to it, move in it! Can’t wait to be with you not just as we serve young people together, but through life. Yøu are CHOSEN by God, from nothing into something. From darkness into His marvelous light! Walk as a person of expansion. PS. This guy can harmonize to anything I say or sing. (: Lubchoo Benji! Come back to Australia soon, please! @bmgabriel #ReliveChosen2014 #YD2014 #FCFExpansion2014 #JokesHesAtBonnyrigg #Brother #RideOrDie #Birthday #TextingToiletBuddies (at TOILETRIES)